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Infiltration Testing

Vestal Energy provides air infiltration blower door testing to determine the air tightness of buildings. These provide diagnostic information about air leaks from gaps, cracks, and openings in homes. A poorly sealed home is expensive to heat and cool, and a blower door test helps track down problems.

The blower door test can be combined with thermal imaging or smoke testing to accurately identify air leak locations. The building is slightly depressurized, drawing in air from outside. On cold or hot days, thermal imaging can show where in the building envelope that air is coming from. A smoke pen can also be used to show air movement from these drafts and doesn't require a large temperature differential between inside and outside to be effective.

More information about blower door tests is available form the Department of Energy.

Thermographic Inspections

Infrared photograph of a house In addition to helping find air leaks, thermal imaging can also be used to diagnose problems with a building's insulation and identify sources of thermal bridging. By showing relative temperature differences, an infrared camera can be used to indicate where heat is being lost through walls, ceilings, and other building assemblies.

More information about thermographic inspections is available form the Department of Energy.

Duct Leakage Testing

Leaks from poorly sealed HVAC ducts can cost building owners a lot of money, especially if they are occurring in basements, attics, or other unconditioned space. Vestal Energy is able to test duct systems for total leakage and leakage to outside, and help isolate the locations of those leaks.

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