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HERS Index Ratings

RESNET Certified HERS Rater logo The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is a measurement of a home's energy efficiency, based on detailed modeling of the entire building and its systems. They are used to ensure homes meet current efficiency standards, and are flexible enough to allow trade-offs in ways that previous prescriptive codes couldn't.

Vestal Energy is a RESNET certified HERS Rater, providing builders and contractors with the ratings required for Stretch Energy Code compliance and other energy efficiency programs. More and more municipalities are adopting performance-based energy codes, requiring third-party verification. Vestal Energy is licensed to perform these ratings, and offers professional guidance on how to achieve the necessary scores.

A HERS Index chart showing energy use, with a score of 100 for the reference home, scores up to and beyond 150 for existing homes, and as low as 0 for a Zero Energy Home, with an example home scoring 49. Most communities in Massachusetts have adopted the Stretch Energy Code, which requires either a HERS Rating or Passive House certification for new homes. With the 2023 updates now in effect, the target rating scores are lower, and a HERS Rating is the only allowed pathway for large additions and major renovations. Additions that are over 1,000 SF or that exceed 100% of the existing floor area now need a HERS rating, as does any Level 3 Alteration (over 50% of building area).

There are additional codes and programs that rely on HERS Ratings and HERS Raters, including tax rebates and other incentives in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Connecticut, and New Hampshire. Vestal Energy can provide the ratings to take advantage of the programs in these and other states.

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